Excavating Services

Excavating Services are all but impossible if you don’t have the right equipment. Michael’s Valley Plumbing, Inc. brings the right equipment to every job, along with skilled manpower. We have access to competent and capable sub-contractors to fulfill your excavation plumbing needs.

  • Properly Excavated
  • Properly Filled
  • Properly Compacted
  • Properly Cleaned
  • Efficient Equipment

Having to resort to excavation to remedy plumbing issues is uncommon, but is sometimes very necessary. Severely damaged pipes or water mains due to tree roots or subterranean disruptions can call for professional excavation plumbing services.

Unordinary water leaks can require a process that only highly skilled plumbers can provide. Michael’s Valley Plumbing utilizes hydro-excavation to uncover damaged water lines which may be surrounded by roots and unnatural debris. This process which involves using pressurized water and air conveyance to excavate several feet of soil , and ultimately uncover the water line, provides many benefits. For instance, this method in plumbing prevents further damage and pipeline leaks, provides a safe and eco-friendly solution, and improves the efficiency of virtually any type of water leak repair.