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Excavating Services are all but impossible if you don’t have the right equipment. Michael’s Valley Plumbing, Inc. brings the right equipment to every job, along with skilled manpower. Our capable and competent team can fulfill all of your Los Angeles excavation plumbing needs. MVP has extended our service area to include Orange County and San Diego as well.

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If you have been searching for reliable and trustworthy plumbers in your local area -your search is over. As one of the area’s most trusted Los Angeles commercial plumbing contractor, we strive to offer our customers the best possible service at all times. From Replacing Water Heaters, unclogging drains, to Repairing Sewer lines , Faucets, or installing a Water Heater, no job is too small or to large for us. Our Los Angeles commercial plumbing contractors have many years of experience and are fully licensed and insured so you can feel comfortable having a Michael’s Valley Plumbing Contractor working at your home or business.

What sets Michael’s  Plumbing Contractor above the rest?

Excavating Services North Hollywood Our Professional Excavating Services North Hollywood :

  • Cutting-edge Industrial Equipment
  • Properly Excavated
  • Properly Filled
  • Properly Compacted
  • Properly Cleaned Piping

Having to resort to excavation to remedy plumbing issues is uncommon, but is sometimes very necessary. Severely damaged pipes or water mains due to tree roots or subterranean disruptions can call for professional North Hollywood excavation services.

Affordable Excavating Services North Hollywood

Unordinary water leaks can require a process that only highly skilled North Hollywood plumbers can provide. Michael’s Valley Plumbing utilizes hydro-excavation to uncover damaged water lines which may be surrounded by roots and unnatural debris. This process which involves using pressurized water and air conveyance to excavate several feet of soil , and ultimately uncover the water line, provides many benefits. For instance, this method in plumbing prevents further damage and pipeline leaks, provides a safe and eco-friendly solution, and improves the efficiency of virtually any type of water leak repair.

MVP provides 360 degree North Hollywood excavating services. We handle all phases of the excavating process, whether residential or commercial properties. We offer our plumbing excavation services for utility work, sewer installation and pipeline repair services, amongst other plumbing issues. Michael’s Valley Plumbing offers the very best North Hollywood excavating services.

We have recently widened our service area to include Orange County, San Diego and surrounding areas.

Michael’s Valley Plumbing are experts at sewer replacement and sewer cleaning services. Whether you are looking to replace the sewer lines in a residential neighborhood or a commercial building, MVP has the manpower and the most cutting edge equipment to get the job done right the first. Our professional Los Angeles plumbing service areas have now extended to Orange County, San Diego and surrounding areas.

It isn’t uncommon for home or business owners to neglect their sewer system and not maintain it properly. After all, you can’t see it. Unfortunately, out of sight out of mind only makes the situation worse. Once your sewer starts to leak or clog, it may be too late. Michael’s Valley Plumbing advises clients to conduct routine sewer maintenance to ensure your drainage system and sewer lines can last you for years to come.

Piping, drainage systems and sewer lines can be compromised due to old age, root growth or disturbances in the earth and sediment. When sewer lines break, burst or rupture, it can cause grossly inconvenient conditions. Michael’s Valley Plumbing are here to help you. As licensed and insured Los Angeles sewer repair and replacement professionals, we are capable of handling all excavating matters as well. Our North Hollywood excavation and maintenance services are affordable. MVP will work around your schedule to make sure your life isn’t inconvenienced. Call Michael’s Valley Plumbing today to get a free quote and here about our promotions.

Michael’s Valley Plumbing specializes in excavation services for wet utility installation. Commonly wet utility line installation projects are water main and sewer main installation. Adding these pipelines sends water to the houses and buildings themselves and also provides fire protection to hydrants, allowing for continued growth and development. There are many working parts and underground pipelines that are involved in getting water and waste water from one location to another. MVP are experts at installing Los Angeles wet utilities and have recently extended our service areas to include San Diego and Orange County. 

The Michael’s Valley Plumbing wet utilities team has the experience needed to properly meet your installation, removal and repair needs. Our Los Angeles Plumbing Experts take the time to properly investigate and survey the entire work site to ensure that proper installation or repair can be executed.

Wet Utilities Los AngelesUnderground Wet Utility Services Include :

  • Storm Drains
  • Storm Drain Installation & Service
  • Pipe Repair
  • Trenchless Sewer & Pipeline Rehabilitation
  • Fie Main Construction
  • Fireline Installation
  • Underground Leak Detection

MVP also works with our clients to craft a plan that’s sensitive to your budget, the surrounding environment and ensures that all of your pipes are aligned and routed properly the first time. We have experience using of all types of pipes like concrete, corrugated galvanized, clay, ductile, HDPE, PVC and steel. We have strong experience making sure that our underground utilities projects properly feed into large water supply networks, municipal sewers and storm drain systems throughout the state of California.

We are an experienced North Hollywood Plumbing Contractor with many successful public and private projects under our work-belts. We’re licensed, insured, bonded and adhere to all local, state and federal regulations when performing our duties. If you’re in need of underground wet utility services and want an experienced plumbing contractor that is going to treat your project with attention to detail, whether big or small, call Michael’s Vally Plumbing today.




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