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Where do you turn for a reliable and affordable residential plumber Burbank? Michael’s Valley Plumbing of course. MVP prides ourselves on high quality work and stellar customer care. Since 1988 MVP has been delivering expert Burbank residential plumbing services at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. Our services expand to all of Los Angeles County, Burbank, Orange County and all the way down San Diego.

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Residential Plumber Burbank If you have been searching for reliable and trustworthy plumbers in your local area -your search is over. As one of the area’s most trusted Los Angeles residential plumbing companies, we strive to offer our customers the best possible service at all times. From Replacing Water Heaters, unclogging drains, to Repairing Sewer lines , Faucets, or installing a Water Heater, no job is too small or to large for us. Our Los Angeles residential plumbing contractors have many years of experience and are fully licensed and insured so you can feel comfortable having a Michael’s Valley Plumbing Contractor working at your home or business.

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If you’re looking to have your remodeling project or plumbing repaired, our Los Angeles residential plumbing services are the very best. Michael’s Valley Plumbing, Inc. takes great pride in our quality of work and Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Priority!

What sets Michael’s Plumbing Contractor above the rest?

  • We Send qualified plumbers!
  • We Offer Up-Front Pricing With No Hidden Charges!
  • We Guarantee ALL our work is done to your specifications!
  • Family Owned and Operated!
  • Affordable Prices, Quality Commercial Plumbing Burbank!

While your Plumbing Contractor expertly executes all of the conventional residential plumbing Burbank we also have the equipment and expertise to tackle the most difficult and labor intensive of plumbing endeavors.

We handle both residential and commercial plumbing projects.


When you are in need of an experienced and around-the-clock Burbank residential plumber, Michael’s Valley Plumbing are the guys to call. MVP goes above and beyond to ensure that our customers have the residential plumbing services they need anytime of day OR night. Let’s face it, when your plumbing clogs, leaks or erupts it can bring your home to a grinding halt. These matters need to be addressed immediately. Michael’s Valley Plumbing is the #1 Residential Plumber Burbank that has proudly been providing professional plumbing services to clients throughout LA and the San Fernando Valley, Burbank and San Diego.

Here is a list of some of MVP’s Burbank Residential Plumbing Services

  • Residential Plumbing Burbank Burbank Drain Cleaning – Michael’s Valley Plumbing provides our customers with affordable Los Angeles drain cleaning services. Having a clogged drain that can’t be remedied with over-the-counter chemical treatments, needs to be handled by a professional plumber. A backed up or clogged drain could be caused by many things. More often than not it is just a severe clog in the pipe, but sometimes it could be a more serious situation taking shape. Backed up septic systems or roots growing through old pipes can all create backed up or clogged piping. MVP are experts at drain repair Los Angeles. If you are experiencing sinks, toilets or tubs that are not draining or coughing up gunk and discolored water, it is time to contact a professional plumber Burbank.
  • Burbank Leak Repair & Leak Detection – Leaks can be dangerous, not to mention costly if they are left unresolved. MVP has been delivering professional Burbank leak repair services to our client’s throughout the San Fernando Valley for years. We handle both residential and commercial leak repairs. We know your time is precious so Michael’s Valley Plumbing makes it a point to work around your schedule and remain within your budget. Unresolved leaks, whether it be natural gas or plumbing, can lead to very serious issues. Not only do natural gas leaks compromise the health of your family and pets, but it can be deadly. While plumbing leaks aren’t life threatening, they can lead to very costly cosmetic damage and eventually cause toxic mold to develop in under floorboard, in walls and ceilings.
  • Burbank Repiping & Copper Piping Installation – Los Angeles Repiping is sometimes just an inevitability. Older homes and businesses may have older piping and can sometimes compromise the infrastructure of the property. If that is the case, and you have found old piping in your home or business, it is important to face it head on. Los Angeles copper repiping services don’t need to break your budget. Michael’s Valley Plumbing Repair Los Angeles goes above and beyond to make sure that your repiping installation doesn’t interfere with your schedule and stays within your budget. The first step is assessing the size of your repiping project and then drafting a plan that best serves your needs while also taking into consideration the inner workings of your plumbing and piping.

Here is a list of some of MVP’s Commercial Plumbing Burbank

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  • Los Angeles Construction Plumbing – When you need to dig a hole, trench, or footing, that you are unable to Dig, Michael’s Valley construction Plumbing and Excavating Services can help! Our state-of-the-art certified operators are licensed, insured, Bonded professionals and will get the job done right, make it affordable, and do it quickly!
  • Burbank Wet Utilities – Michael’s Valley Plumbing specializes in all Los Angeles commercial plumbing services, A-Z. With our extensive knowledge of plumbing and wet utilities, Michael’s Valley Plumbing can construct any public restroom project big or small. We can also renovate and update any existing public restroom project.
  • Burbank Hydro-jetting Services – MVP are experts at commercial hydro-jetting services. Hydro jetting or water-jetting is an efficient, economical and environmentally safe high pressure drain and sewer cleaning service. Utilizing the most state of the art hydro-jetting pumps and out industrial hoses, our Los Angeles commercial plumbing experts use water pressure to erase blockages and clear your lines, drains and sewers. Commercial hydro-jetting maintenance is also recommended for businesses and commercial properties that are high traffic establishments. Restaurants and other commercial properties require frequent high-pressure hydro jetting to remove accumulating mineral deposits, grease and debris buildup, sludge and larger objects that accumulate in the sewer lines. Everyone with a business or commercial property knows that blogs can cause an immense amount of disruption and even business closures. With MVP’s Los Angels hydro-jetting services and maintenance, you can rest assured that your drainage system and sewers will remain clean and clear of buildup and blockages.
  • Burbank Core Drilling – As part of MVP’s extensive commercial plumbing Los Angeles services, we offer expert commercial core drilling and concrete cutting. Our commercial plumbing contractors have the knowledge and equipment necessary to perform many concrete drilling services. We also provide concrete removal so there is no need to hire a second Burbank plumbing contractor for that job.


California’s ever increasing green movement has made people question how much energy they use and the amount of resources they are using. Michael’s Valley Plumbing makes and effort to educate our clients on how to decrease their usage, save money and find more environmentally sound technologies for their businesses.

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